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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taman Intan Market (Pasar Taman intan)

Taman Intan Market (Pasar Taman Intan) is an open field market located in the Taman Intan residential area beside the chinese restaurants "Restoran Kim Tan" and "Restoran 398".

These two restaurants are packed with visitors in the morning as a results of the pasar malam attractions. Shoppers usually having their breakfast at this two restaurants before strolling along the stretch of the market for buying their daily needs.

Wide variety of goods along this stretch of canopy stalls , ranging from local foods, vegetables, fruits, womens's undergarments, sluggage, sandal, 'designer' handbag, 'branded' apparels , souvenir and much much more.

"Restoran Kim Tan" and "Restoran 398"

Flowers on sale.

Fresh vegetables

Fish, prawns and crabs.

Binjals, bitter gourds,carrots,tomatos, pumpkins..

Shoppers bargaining for vegetables.


Womens's undergarments

Chinese Herbs

Cucur Udang, 5 pieces for RM 1.00

Wan Tan Mee, some prefer to buy a take away pack home.

End of the walk.